Democratic Republic of Congo

The Congolese community in Australia is relatively large and growing. There are many Congolese families living in different most major cities in Australia with a significant concentration in Melbourne , Sydney and Adelaide.

List of  registered Congolese communities in Australia


Congolese Community  Association (QLD)

Congolese Community of Australia (NSW)

Congolese community of WA

Geelong Congolese Association

Newcastle Congolese Community Inc

The Congolese Community of Australia (NSW)

Congolese Australian community Association Vic)

Congolese community network access inc (SA)

Congolese Community of New South Wales -Australia

Congolese Soccer Club Association Inc. (WAS)

Federation of the Congolese Council of Australia Inc (NSW)

Goulburn Valley Congolese Association  (VIC)

Newcastle Congolese Community Inc

The alliance of Conglese in the Northern Territory

Congolese performers artists of Victoria – vic

Congolese Performing Artist of Victoria – vic

Congolese campaign to ban landmines VIc

The Australian -Congolese Relief and Development initiatives Inc SA)

United Congolese women’s association of South Australia

Congolese united for peace and Reconciliation in Australia (QLD)

Democratic Republic of Congo Community Association of Victoria (DRCCAV)

Democratic Republic on Congo Gospel Outreach Incorporated

Australian -Democratic Republic of Congo Business Council