Please note this website is under development and frequently being updated as we receive more information from the community.  Contact us if you can provide additional information about African organisations and individuals.

Community Associations 

There are many  African community groups in different states and cities across Australia. These groups are often divided along national, ethnic, language and regional lines. 

Most African-Australian community groups are very vibrant and dynamic. They are filled with and run by dedicated members of the community who volunteer their time to help make a difference in the lives of their follow Africans and contribute to a harmonious and prosperous multicultural Australia.

Due to limited ressources, these groups are not always resourced enough to communicate widely about their work, therefore the broader Australian society remains unaware of what they do and how they help their members.

Afro Helpline has built a large database of African organisations with over 400 organisations across the country and the following list shows some of the most prominent ones. if you are a member of Afro Helpline we can give you access to more organisations if need be.  Just contact us by Clicking here.

List of African community groups based on countries (click on the country to see the listed organisations).

* If a country is not listed above, it means that we have not identified any group or organisation with members from that background. Feel free to notify us of any organisation you may be aware of, which is not listed on the list. Contact us by Clicking here.