Please note this website is under development and frequently being updated as we receive more information from the community.  Contact us if you can provide additional information about African organisations and individuals.

Issues affecting African-Australian Communities 

Like many recent migrants, African-Australian communities face a broad range of social challenges that call for urgent, specific, and often highly sensitive solutions. Afro Helpline understands that different communities face very different issues – depending upon their geographical location, their cultural background, and their individual journey to Australia.

We use our comprehensive database of community associations and subject matter experts to put individuals in touch with reputable service providers, government agencies, legal centres and other community volunteers who may be able to help you deal with a particular issue in your local area.

Our primary goal is to connect people who need help with those who can offer it – both within and beyond our African communities. We encourage all new migrants, temporary residents and others who may need help to contact us directly.

We’d also like to hear from anyone who would like to help us – either by mentoring a young person, volunteering their time, or simply telling us about a worthwhile project we may not know about.

List of some of the issues that are affecting some sections of African communities :  


Youth Violence

Youth unemployment

Family violence

Mental health

Youth in the justice system

Marriage breakdowns

Social Isolation