Practical and Useful Tips  (How to…) 

Afro Helpline collects and shares practical information to help African-Australians address different issues and achieve better outcomes in their settlement and integration journey in Australia. We encourage individuals and organisations to share with us any material that may be useful to other Africans by contacting us through this link.

Here a list of some of the topics that many people in African communities may need assistance with:

Some the topics we cover include:

  1. Register an Association or a community group in Australia
  2. Start a small business in Australia
  3. Find a job quickly
  4. Buy  or rent a house
  5. Handle money
  6. Get legal assistance
  7. Deal with racism
  8. Deal with conflicts (within families or communities)
  9. Get help for school kids
  10. Deal with rebellious teenagers in Australia
  11. Sponsor someone overseas
  12. Write and publish a book
  13. Find an African church in your local area
  14. Find African food in your area.

Please consider providing us with any information that you may have in your local area that may be useful to others. You may also be an expert in some areas and we can use your skills to provide guidance and practical help to others in the community. Please  Contact us .